Life Happens. Couples get married. They buy a house. They move house. They have children. Some get divorced. Some start a business. People die. Amid all the joys and sadness of these major life events, legal counsel is required and contractual documents have to be signed. And for all these legal nitty gritties, you will need a specialist to guide you – an attorney or conveyancer. 


Doing life

Psychologists have rated death, divorce, marriage, and moving house as four of the most stressful life events.

A firm of attorneys and conveyancers becomes a welcome de-stressor to assist you in navigating the daunting world of civil legalities.

The legal world is a complex one, and the paperwork a nightmare. Finding a legal firm with integrated services and professional expertise will serve you well when life events come knocking on your door. And when that happens, you will want a specialist who knows you and your circumstances – an attorney who is a personable and dependable friend at your side. Whatever the context or scenario, make sure you have a trusted legal door to knock on. 

Never underestimate the valuable counsel an attorney can provide in covering legal agreements, marriage certificates, real estate transactions, divorce negotiations, child custody, last wills and testaments, and any other contexts where legal paperwork is necessary to protect all parties involved. 


A Legal Firm who will do life with you

Louw and Da SIlva Attorneys and Conveyancers are a legal firm that will have your back. Our mission is to provide our clients with top quality and cost-effective legal services.

From ‘I do’ and ‘till death us do part,’ to the signage on your office door and the keys to your first home – we will do life with you. 

Our practice areas of expertise are broad – encompassing civil, corporate, family, and criminal law. Our in house team of attorneys, conveyancers, and staff is made up of vibrant and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing specialized legal and contractual services by understanding our clients – what they want and how they think. We are industry leaders in property, commercial, mining, and litigation matters, rendering vast experience and a comprehensive portfolio of professional legal services. 

Life happens, and as it happens, we are here to help you – with empathy, prudent counsel and oversight of the smallest details.  

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