Our team is made up of vibrant professionals and dedicated staff. 
Quality and professionalism are aspects that we focused on since we commenced business. 

Together we are Louw and Da Silva.


  • are thorough, service focused, and results driven

  • invest time and effort in the smallest detail

  • have the capacity and the resources to meet challenging requirements

  • are people orientated, empathetic and considerate

  • offer a hands-on approach, ensuring prompt service that is accurate, prudent and professional


Angelo Da Silva - Director at Louw Da Silva

Angelo Da Silva
Director | B.Proc LLB

Angelo previously practiced as Advocate and member of firstly the Cape- and secondly the Pretoria Bars and was subsequently admitted as Attorney of the High Court practicing as such in Pretoria, Springs and currently at Kathu. His experience spans some 20 years and he is currently senior director at Louw & Da Silva Attorneys, where he practised law for the past 16 years.

Angelo currently heads our commercial and contract-, mining and mineral law and litigation departments. His areas of interest and focus at present include commercial law, mineral and mining law, mergers and acquisitions, contract law, general litigation and private arbitrations, but he is also actively involved in many areas of the law, including divorce and family law.

He has been involved in a multitude of complex high value commercial transactions and litigation.

Angelo has a passion for litigation law and has personally appeared in the South African High Courts (as well as in lower courts and in arbitration forums) representing clients in various complex and demanding matters.  

Angelo has vast legal experience in general legal practice and is able to assist our clients with most legal issues.

He obtained his B.Proc  Degree and thereafter his LLB degree from the University of Pretoria.

Albert Louw - Director at Louw Da Silva

Albert Louw
Director | B.Com LLB

Albert joined our firm during March 2013 and is currently a director of the firm. 

Prior to joining us, he practiced law in Pretoria where he (amongst other things) attended to large scale foreclosure portfolios for certain banks and conducted civil litigation for them. He also obtained extensive experience in Conveyancing, Deeds registration and general Deeds Office related matters.

His professional experience, inter alia, includes conveyancing, property law, instalment sale agreements, commercial contracts and civil litigation.

Albert has a passion for property law and currently heads our conveyancing and bond registrations department. His areas of practise include all aspects of residential and commercial property law,  including leases, servitutes and related advice, subdivisions, consolidations, civil litigation and contract law.

He also represents large Housing Companies in (inter alia) the following aspects:

  • drawing up and negotiation of agreements of sale for immovable property;
  • provision of legal advice relating to property related matters;
  • large scale property transfers;
  • registration and cancellation of instalment sale agreements in terms of the provisions of section 20 of the Alienation of Land Act against title deeds;
  • enforcement of provisions of sale and instalment sale agreements;
  • evictions.

Albert has a B.Com Law degree from the University of Stellenbosch and an LLB degree from the University of South Africa.

Magriet Louw - Director at Louw Da Silva

Magriet Louw
Director | B.Proc

Magriet is one of the founding members of Louw & Da Silva Inc and has been part of the firm for approximately 37 years (which includes the period prior to incorporation of the company in its current form.

Magriet has vast experience in litigation law, divorce law and property related transactions. She is an admitted conveyancer and headed our conveyancing department until March 2013, when Albert took over such portfolio from her.

She has extensive experience in real estate and property law, including the drafting of related contracts and advising clients on all related matters.

Magriet currently heads our deceased estates and wills department, where she focuses on assisting heirs of both testate and intestate estates in  the administration an finalisation of estates.

She obtained her B.Proc degree from the University of the Free State.

Albert has a B.Com Law degree from the University of Stellenbosch and an LLB degree from the University of South Africa.

Nadia Terblanche
Candidate Attorney | B.Com Law & LLB

Nadia joined Louw & Da Silva as Candidate Attorney in January 2020. She  is completing her articles under the supervision of Albert Louw.  She completed both her B.Com Law and LLB degrees at the University of Pretoria.

Nadia has to date had exposure to various fields of law, including divorce matters, High- and Lower Courts civil litigation, large scale collections as well as Deeds registrations and general Deeds Office related matters.

She has to date proven to be a valuable asset to the firm and in particular has enhanced the performance and capability of our Conveyancing department by establishing a strong relationship with our Local Municipal Authorities.

Evaneez Kester
Candidate Attorney | LLB

Evaneez joined Louw & Da Silva Inc as a Candidate Attorney in June 2021. She is completing her articles under the supervision of Angelo Da Silva, after obtaining her LLB degree at the University of the Free State in 2020.

During her time with Louw & Da Silva, Evaneez has worked in various fields of law, including estates, contract, conveyancing, civil litigation, collections and criminal law.